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Taking A Breather: Corals For Sale


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I'm updating this list to show what is left. The more exotic hammers are still available. The micro gold and double green etc. Also the large zoa rocks are still available.

  1. Large generic dark purple zoa rock: $20
  2. Orange glob with yellow spots, grows fast: $15 (I can't get this off the zoa rock it's on. So get 'em both for 30)
  3. Acans: $20
  4. Green Zoa Rock (spreads like crazy): $30
  5. Orange Something: $20
  6. Orange mega shroom: $20 Sasquatch First Dibs
  7. Pink Zoa Rock: $20
  8. Bubble Coral (has grown a ton): $50
  9. Orange anemone (I forgot name): $25 Holding (can't get off rock yet)
  10. Green Zoa Rock: $20
  11. Big Orange Blog (encrusting) - don’t know how to remove: $25
  12. Blue Digi Chunks: $10 per big chunk (4 total)
  13. Not marked - Two rainbow shrooms on rock: $20 (can't get off yet)
  14. Green Birdsnest: $50
  15. Forgot Name - Giant Green Thing. Grows Fast: $30 (or clippings for $10)
  16. Purple tip torch: $35
  17. Ultra green hammer (neon green): $80 (just got from Jeff a couple weeks ago for $100)
  18. Large Green Zoa rock: $30
  19. Gold Micro Hammer (super awesome): $110
  20. Ricordia Rock (6 or 7 various): $50
  21. Purple Birdsnest (not happiest ever but huge) $25
  22. Large Green Zoa Rock $30
  23. Purple hammer (two heads): $35
  24. Green Lobo: $50
















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Updating list.
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The equipment is NOT for sale yet, but I'm going to start a list of what will eventually go up. Everything is about 18 months old unless marked.

APEX Gold (With WXM and all probes)

APEX Temp Probe 

Apex PM1 Module



2xBRS Dosers

Deltec 1455 Skimmer (1yr old) - I also have two skimmer stands.

TUNZE 3155 ATO (2yr old)



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I'm interested in at least one of your bta's possibly more, don't get paid until next Thursday though so I'll message you the day before to see what you have left!

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