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FS SPS and LPS 20% to PNWMAS


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I need to clear out the frag racks in my tank! 

This time I'm going to ramp up things and donate 20% to PNWMAS. We are looking to get an awesome guest speaker and this money will go to the cost!

As always I usually do better discounts and freebies with the more you buy!


First is the CNC halo my pictures do not do them justice. They are green base with pink tips.


Frag 1 is 30 dollars  sold


Cnc Halo 1.jpgf

Frag 2 10 Dollars Pending tenderfoot


Cnc Halo 2.jpg


Next is some acans this will only cost you 10 bucks! Pending Tenderfoot


Free Acan.jpg



How about some nice purple frogspawn? Only 10 dollars a head! There are 8!

1 Head Tenderfoot

Frog Spawn 8 Heads.jpg


This is a nice Aussie hammer! Only 25 dollars for 2 heads!





Next is one of my favorite montis. This is the mystic sunset. I got this from VW reefs and it is a brighter variation than others I have seen! Either frag is 20 dollars!


Frag 1 Sold




Mystic Sunset 1.jpgMystic Sunset 2.jpg



This is a nice pink boobies frag for all you chalice lovers! Sold


Pink Boobies.jpg



Next we have a setosa frag. This is an oldie but a goodie! 15 dollars




Next we have the Sexy Corals Strawberry Shortcake Milli

Either frag is only 20 dollars this will run you way more online!

Frag 1 soldier 

Frag 2 pending Tenderfoot


Strawberry Shortcake Milli 2.jpgStrawberry Shortcake Milli.jpg


Next is a sunrise tenius! It's very bright in person! First 2 frags are 15 dollars the last bigger frag pictured is 25 dollars!

Frag 1 Sold Brian B

Frag 2 Sold Tenderfoot

Frag 3 Sold pdxmonkeyboy


Sunrise Tenius 1.jpgSunrise Tenius 2.jpgSunrise Tenius 3.jpg


Finally I have a lovely tricolor! 10 dollars for this one!

TriColor .jpg





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On April 29, 2017 at 10:51 PM, Brian67 said:

Kim dibs  on #1 CBC halo,sunrise tenuios #1 and SC strawberry shortcake milli #1

Good choices sir!  Unfortunately dropped my tank money on fish earlier today or would have gone for those myself. Oh well - we now have a cool marine betta instead ?

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3 hours ago, tenderfoot said:

I'll take frag 2, the acanthus, I head of purple frogspawn, shortcake million, first sunrise tenius, depending on where you are located for pickup.

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Hey tender i already put dibs on tenuis #1?

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