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Bunch of random stuff get it outta my garage!


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Big calcium reactor with solenoid and feed pump
A couple Rio pumps both work
Nextreef mr1 media reactor
Hannah alk checker need new reagent
Hannah calcium checker need new reagent
Red sea test kits, (expired but tested exactly the same as my brand new one)
Bunch of food
Bunch of chemicals
10 gallon qt set up with heater, chemicals, light, etc
Titanium heater
5 gallon acrylic ato container, at least that's what I used it for
Box of Fritz pro salt, I made maybe 20 gallons with it.
Anything else I might come across that I want gone
200 bucks for everything I'm in Oregon cityee0b5ce7aa16b9a33c79e8387bea215c.jpgf844bc95ef09baa8487ce053fd45b3cf.jpgcf57304488caf9c7adf9a66189862d05.jpg92c3836bad58c70fbdb7fbb40ea30d48.jpga03670778dc9ea75886aff08c1c8eedc.jpg91fe4a284545156a1d2259d5c1776da5.jpg7145abb421e4101ce02297a4dee5faf5.jpga2609c1e3c49bea05fb7737de8be786e.jpga39b4f943ef909f8f1fec14b4e68cd0f.jpg30bdac037c7a6dde95c51a57481a7bbe.jpg
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