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40 Gallon Breeder Tear Down


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Hello Everyone, After much thought it's time for me to tear down my 40g breeder. Everything is for sale.


Starting with the live stock,

Flame Angel ~2.5inch - SOLD

Coral Beauty ~3inch - $15

Bicolor Pseudochromis -  SOLD

I think he's a Tribal Blenny. He's hard to take pictures very camera shy . - SOLD

Various snails and hermit crabs - $2 each

Live Rock with lots of GSP I have three rocks with substantial amounts PENDING

Live rock with small patch of GSP PENDING

I have a unknown to me green color that's very bleached but still has some green. - Free 

Unknown zoanthids decent amount of polyps. - FREE With live rock purchase.


After all the livestock is gone I have a decent amount of pumps, lights, scrapers. Red Sea Testing kits, etc for sale.

Reef Octopus classic 150 INT.  Just over a year and 3 months old. Needs some cleaning but has all the parts and is in very good shape. - ON HOLD

Purely H20 RO/DI 75gpd with in/out TDS meter. Needs some new filters soon, Still reads out zero TDS. - ON HOLD

The display is a 40g breeder. Has some scratches and a repaired crack on the back by the bulkhead - $10

Current USA Orbit Marine LED Saltwater Reef Lighting System 36-48" Has storm and lightning features. You can also change the spectrum. Decent setup. Has remote and built-in timer with moonlight. ON HOLD

Old Reef Keeper 2. 8 - controlled power ports. No pH probe - ON HOLD

Red Sea test kits only used 4 times:

-Marine Care - SOLD

-Reef Foundation Pro - SOLD

Almost full bottle of Aiptasia-X -  GONE


There's some various other parts and misc stuff that I have that I'll post after everythings torn down.













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13 hours ago, fmorris said:

Ok, I'll grab both. Can I pic them up Sat?


I apologize again, The Blenny is gone before I saw this post! Still have the Coral Beauty and I can save it for you if you're interested. I have a closing shift on Saturday but I'm off work Sunday at 5:30 and can do any time after 6:30 if you'd like


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15 hours ago, rentalcoot said:

Do you still have the rock?

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Yes I do still have the rock! Its one of the last things as far as live stock goes that's left. Do you want to purchase all of it? I have a deal for someone who buys all of it at once.

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