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Livestock and LR


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Taking a tank down in the house and offering up the livestock first. The tank was run skimmerless for about 18 months and grew tons of softies and mushrooms, but also lots of algaes. 

sold- Blue Tang, 4-5"

$20 Ocellaris, 3"

$15 Bangaii Cardinal

$20 Copper banded shrimp

$50 Live rock, black barred convict goby included, 20-30lbs? covered in mushrooms, tyree toadstool, zoas, more mushrooms, neon GSP, basically an instant softy reef.

$100 if you want it all so you have an instant reef....  50 gallon salt mix if you take it all too!

Also, 2 refractometers, $30 for the "pro", $20 for the "not pro"

 A free used Red Sea Ca KH Mg test kit, and a new one for $30


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