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Purple Cap Washed Out Color


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I’ve been wondering for quite some time why my Purple Cap seems to grow just fine, but as the Cap grows, the new growth is purple, and the older growth fades to a dusty grayish purple. 


Have any of you experience this before or has anyone had this and been able to learn what it takes to rectify the problem?


My parameters are generally like this:

Alk: 9

Calc: 420 to 430

Mg: 1320

Specific Gravity 1.024 to 1.025

Lighting: AI Blues LED’s

Light Schedule: On at 6 am, ramp to 71% by noon, and back down by 9 pm.

The Cap is about 10 inches from the surface and about 20 inches from the lights.


Thanks for your thoughts.



Purple Cap 2.jpg

Purple Cap 1.jpg

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If it were my tank I would shorten the photoperiod to less than 12 hours and reduce the white channel to under 30% if your possible. If not, then turn all channels down to 30-50%. It looks bleached but puzzling as to why just the new growth looks normal. 

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Thanks for you thought Chewie,

I did wonder about bleaching, but there are a few other corals in the thank that are looking good, and one that even looks like it would like more light. 
And when I first got the lights, I worked with AI and the light schedule is what they suggested and I have even turned them down to the 71% form 80%.  More precisely, the white is at 55%, blue at 71% and royal Blue at 71%. 

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Good points @chewie

If you can take a frag or two that gives you some options.  Try it in different places, you may see different results in darker areas.  Or heck, brighter areas possibly too.  The bonus is that if for some reason it rtns you have some backup frags.


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