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New additions from today!


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Picked up a few things today just thought id share. First i picked up a nice zoa rock from PowderBlue, has utter chaos, clementines, fire and ice, Rasta, and Sakuras on it.  Randel pulled the old upsale :clap:  while i was there and i also walked away with a nice hammer coral and a few frags of 2 other zoas cant remember the names.  


The wife had to run out to Beaverton for some errands so we decided to stop by Paradise Coral as it was not to much further. Picked up a nice little rock flower nem and a nice piece of art to hang above the tank.  Bret was a super nice guy and both the wife and i loved his shop.  Cant wait to see the shop grow.


It was a great day and i was glad to be able to meet a few other new people in the local reef community.







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