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Spring Cleaning - Equipment!


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Life has been crazy lately, so I haven't been posting much. But I recently upgraded tanks and now need to get some garage space back!

1hp chiller – Pacific Coast Imports C-1000 1hp chiller. Great condition, very little use. Includes iwaki pump as well $400



SOLD Reef Octopus BR110 BioPellet Reactor. Used 6-8 months, great shape. Includes ¼” full tub of BRS bio pellets. SOLD



Super Reef Octopus XP3000 External protein skimmer (rated 200-400 gallons) with Bubble Blaster pump. Used 6-8 months. Has small chip in outer portion of lid, purely cosmetic and doesn’t affect functionality at all, but wanted to mention it.  $300



Jebao RW-15 Power Head. Used roughly 1.25 year, works great. $40 (will have a couple more available in the near future).

Reef Octopus single chamber calcium reactor and pump. Has PH probe port on top, at one time had a leak (before I owned it) and you can see where it was repaired, but never leaked for me and I ran it over 3 years. Works great, I just upgraded to a dual chamber reactor. No regulator or c02 tank included. $110


Neptune Aqua Controller II – comes with a bunch of x-10 powerhouse outlets, modules, etc. Along with a PH probe and temp probe that have both been out of the water for some time (not sure if still good or not) $70 obo

Litermeter 3 with LM3-TCM Topoff Control Module $100


Knop C Calcium Reactor $75



I do travel for work, so there may be some times I am out of town and unable to meet up, or others where I may be able to transport and drop off depending on where you live. I get down to Springfield/Eugene, out to Tri Cities Washington, and over to Lewiston Idaho on a regular basis. So anywhere along those highways, if you are flexible on when you can meet up, I may be able to help transport. Would strongly prefer not shipping if possible. 




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