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Pruning unopened Clove polyps


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So I have this clove with a number of polyps.  It has been moved and re-glued and a few of the polyps have not opened in a number of days.  I was wondering if one should prune those  back if you know they are dead?  They don't look like they are degrading, but not sure how this is managed.  Do they take energy away from the main colony?  Is there risk of them causing contamination?  

I am not at a point where I would do anything, as I said they have had some stress over the last week, but it just got me thinking on how you manage soft corals like this.

Its early and light is limited right now, so not all of the ones that have been opening are open yet but thought I would attach a pic.  Nothing looks rotten or dead.


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You may kill the colony if you cut them. They might have lost their arms and will grow them back over time.. I'd swoosh water at them with a pipette to brush off a layer of skin when they shed and they will grow back with time.. or frag them in two and see how each grows

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