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Spring cleaning sale!


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So I'm starting the process of digging out for the winter and realized...I have a ton of fish stuff again. Always the way though. Lol

First up is 2 pieces of Marco rock, about 9 pounds each. Sold

50' roll of white, 3/4" flexible pvc. Not sure what to ask? $25 

Rimless glass sump made by Cadlites Sold 

I will also have a Reef Octopus Classic 150-s skimmer for sale soon. I need to pull it out and clean it up. I love this skimmer but it just doesn't fit right in my sump, never has. I believe I will ask $150 for that with all original packaging. 

As I find more, I will add it and feel free to PM me with any questions. 






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Rock price
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2 hours ago, xmas_one said:

Dimensions of sump and location?

I also received a pm about the sump around the same time, that person has offered to purchase, if the deal falls through I will contact you. 

Dimensions are 19 3/4 x 13 x 15


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8 hours ago, gawf4fun said:

I'll take the rock please.  I can pay via paypal now and maybe get it this weekend?


Sounds good Mark, Rock is sold and no need to PayPal. Shoot me a pm and we can work it out. 

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