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Skunk Clownfish For Sale


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I purchased several different varieties of skunk clownfish that were supposed to all be the same size but they all came in at different sizes. Since it doesn't make sense to ship them back, I thought I would see if anyone might like them. These are all tank raised by Sustainable Aquatics and are eating a variety of food.


First up are a very small pair of Amphiprion Sandaracino "Irian Jaya Super Orange" orange skunk clowns. They are only about an inch long each and the are super feisty. They have taken up residence in a haddoni anemone and the tiny pair are keeping a much larger A. Nigripes and a pink skunk clown out of the anemone. $15.00 each.



Speaking of A. Nigripes, the black footed skunk clownfish, this one is around 2 inches and is getting beat up by the orange skunks so it has some ragged fins. It has a severe underbite but otherwise is healthy and eating. This is a good chance to obtain an uncommon clownfish at a cheap price. $20.00.



Last is a A. Perideraion "Fiji Sunkist Pink Skunk" also around 2". This fish is more orange than the typical pink skunk. $20.00



Thanks for looking. Let me know if you have any questions.



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