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Best way to get a specific fish?? (Yasha or Flaming Prawn Goby)


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What is the best way to find a specific fish?  Local, wait until they happen to get one?  I see there's sites to order from online but by mail seems dicey....  Don't have a huge tank so I have to be particular.   What's the best practice here....



- Matt

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spelled the fish name wrong
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Personally I will just ask my local fishstore to order one for me. I have heard some good things about some online places but I always prefer seeing a fish in person and seeing it eat before I take it home and you can't get that with an online store. Jeff at Cuttlefish has always been great for me.


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2 minutes ago, Mchums said:

Perfect.  I'm on the west side out in Hillsboro so not a bad drive, I drove over there last week to look around.

Awww, you're in luck Paradise Corals is right next to you now too and Mr. Bret is a long standing forum member here as well. I'm sure he could order you one as well. My experience with Yasha's is they are extremely shy. I would recommend you QT them as well if you can. I had one that I didn't see for 2 weeks in a QT tank and thought it was dead but it just hid in the sand that long and it was the only fish in QT I have seen some healthy specimens at Jeff's in the past. They are amazing and worth trying to pair with a pistol shrimp. :)

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