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I've drilled a few tanks.

Use a drill with the clutch setting very low. Put a garden hose on it for cooling. Keep the drill straight and use light pressure. When it's almost through and water starts dripping use zero pressure.

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I had drilled lots of smaller tanks for research aquariums and literally never encountered or heard of tempered glass. Then I tried to drill my first 55G. Tempered glass on all sides, as described above. That was an entertaining failure.

Unanimous opinions are boring so I'll throw out an unconventional viewpoint here. I've had two aquariums in my living room with PVC overflows (no-drill) for almost two years now, without a single flood. There are advantages to drilling, but the often stated viewpoint that its the only way to go is probably overstated. You can totally get away with over the side overflows. If your tank is tempered thats basically the only option. 

Having said this in public I fully expect that when I go home tonight I'll find a puddle on my floor, Murphy's Law being one of the most reliable principles in the universe :)

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