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Looking for ATO


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I am in need of a small inexpensive ATO option for a little mangrove planted tank I started, and I wanted to check locally first! 

I have all the parts of a tunze ATO except the brain so that's an option also if someone has one sitting. I don't want a gravity fed on this tank, our cat likes this tank way to much! 

Thanks for any help! I attached a photo to try out the new feature plus everyone likes pictures! 


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Thanks for the kind words! 

I had to upgrade my mangrove "pot" since the kitchen window is now too small, I figured why not a shrimp tank. I will add some shrimp soon but am waiting for the tank to mature more. It's cycled and has 2 Rasboro's to help feed the plants plus add some movement but I've heard mature tanks are better for shrimp. 

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