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LF: GFO Reactor


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Save your money. Put some GFO in a small mesh sock. Do not pack it tight. leave it loose.  Put the GFO in an area of steady water flow. BRS recommends 2 tablespoons of HC GFO for your 20 gallon tank.and 5 tablespoons of their granular gfo. change out every month or two. Personally, on a tank your size, I would control phosphate with regular water changes. Keep it simple. Where are the phosphates coming from? probably the food you are feeding. Take a look at the amount of food you are feeding and schedule you are following. I am guilty of overfeeding.  Just my opinion. I have fought phosphates in my 220 gallon, tang friendly, mixed reef for years. I also recommend you get a ultra low phosphorous Hannah checker for salt water. Do regular water testing. Keep a log. I run a Reef dynamics BPR-250 with GFO. Reef dynamics made a smaller unit. they are out of business but I swear by their products. you can find their products for sale. Good luck

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