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Think your nano tank is pretty fly? Look here!

Flashy Fins

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I'm attempting to put together a flyer for our Tanks for Teachers program and could use some pictures of club members' tanks to show what is possible. The school tanks we're setting up these days are on the smaller side and often start out softy or LPS-dominated with a few fish.

If you have such a tank and wouldn't mind us using your photo, please post a full tank shot. Some SPS in your tank is fine; I just don't want to showcase SPS-dominated reefs, since that's not what we'd set up for a school. I'm hoping to find 2 or 3 tanks that look amazing and are very different from one another.

Whip those cameras out and GO!:fish:

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6 minutes ago, PowderBlue said:

Ain't nobody got time for that!

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Hey now I always pull out the blade at least once a week and put it all back in place..............I hate lumpy sand :laugh:

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