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Triton Tests For 25 Bucks?


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I see what you mean, @Blue Z Reef.

They could really use a more robust website with sample test results and guidance (if any) offered. I've been looking into Triton and from what I can tell, they offer the complete service, though customers are free to choose other brands of supplements if they do desire. However, this Colorado-based outfit, ICP-Analysis, does have a great price point. Someone's got to try it and report back here! Maybe the club could pursue this on a TFT tank? Just a thought. 

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On April 5, 2017 at 1:28 PM, TheClark said:

Well, not quite triton, but a competing ICP-Analysis state side.


I am intrigued...

Woah I never expected back in organic chemistry I could use mass spec and the other methods to identify chemicals on water for such a profit!

Still, really interesting!

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