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Fresh to salt change over


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Hello I have a 120 gal fresh water tank set up right now and a 40 gallon baby reef tank set up in say baby because it's only been up for about 6 months I am thinking of turning my fresh water tank in to a reef and I have a s*** load of ?s to say the least any advice or healp would be appreciated one of my ?s is if I use my fx6 for a while will it have to start all the benefisal bacteria all over again or will some of it servive the change53ee39e76d172e52309e7f0baaff017a.jpg6361541062c41eb670c3010e4736b6fe.jpg


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The live rock contains the majority of your bacteria, so once your larger tank is emptied out and filled with saltwater, you can take your live rocks straight from the old reef tank into the new one. This will avoid the cycle a brand new tank with dry base rock would go through, although it will take a little time for bacteria to populate the glass, sand, etc. I can't tell if you have sand in the reef tank, but if you do, you might consider buying new. Stirring up old sand beds can cause a lot of problems you wouldn't want to transfer over. Although, it appears you might not have any sand in there. 

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