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DIY Reservoir for ATO on 24G open cube


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I have a Tunze Osmolator coming on Thursday from BRA, am hoping to save a bit of money by not buying one of the absurdly priced reservoirs but getting some wide mouthed glass or plastic jug.

Is anyone using anything as small a 1 gallon?  I am trying to use something aesthetically pleasing on a shelf beside my tank, and getting much bigger gets utilitarian.. i was even thinking of using a fish bowl, large vase or small tank with fake plants and some glass beads on the bottom to hide what it really is.  My tank is 24G open top cube w/ 7G sump and 27LB of pretty porous rock. 

If you are using something small how often are you refilling it?  On what size tank?

Share pics of your DIY reservoir.

I am not as concerned about refilling the reservoir every day, I want to prevent the fluctuations by using the ATO.

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I was in the same situation with my 12Gallon, I ended up using one of those Rubbermaid Cereal containers with the red lids, the only thing I hated about it was the fact that it had to be replaced every 3 days when I upgraded to my 30 Gallon, so I had a really nice custom acrylic one made to hold 5 Gallons and it lasts more than a week now.

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