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110 gal drilled glass tank w/stand and lots of other misc equipment/small tanks

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I finally have a 180 gal tank set up and running smooth and have no need for all this stuff taking up space. I live in Belfair, Wa 98528 but usually spend every other week working in Portland. 

Im selling my 110 glass tank and black stand. Tank is 48 long 18 wide and 30 tall, its in good shape, maybe a couple minor scratches and it has a repaired center brace. Center overflow/ drilled with one hole/ comes with durso standpipe. Tank hasnt been scrubbed since I took it down and still has sand in it. The Stand is black and has a couple nicks/sratches and some screw holes on the inside but is still as sturdy as the day i bought it. Looking to get 100$ for this

I also have the equipment i used to run the 110gal tank with. This included a pondmaster 1200 return pump (75$), an aqua-c skimmer (50$), and a 48inch budget LED light (better for fowlr/maybe softies) (50$). If you buy the tank, stand, and all of this i will give you a sweet deal!

 Would also like to sell 3 brs dosing pumps (50$ each or 120$ all 3), a couple of smaller tanks (5-15 gals) (free to 20$) and a bunch of odds and ends like plumbing parts ect...

I also have a 40b thats drilled with a "glassholes" overflow box (the one that takes 2 holes) (100$), a brs dual reactor (50$), and a chiller (used it for the 110gal) (350$) that I might be willing to sell. If your interested I can give you more info. 

I will also accept trades! I would be interested in a calcium reactor that will work well with a 180gal mixed reef, a aio 20-30 gal tank, frags, maybe an algae scrubber, or possibly a light fixture. Let me know what you have!


It is best to contact me by phone so call or text 760 419 4265. I will try to check this post as often as I can but I dont always have an internet connection...



Pics are the 110 set up with the 40b next to it and the 110 as it sits now. I can send pics of other stuff if your interested.



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