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Tree & Hammer corals need downsizing!


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Hi! My corals are getting out of control. I have a toddler and...enough said! One of them has grown so big its starting to kill off the corals below. I need to downsize it!

I'm posting some pics here. Wanted to see who was interested in some sections before I started breaking them up. I don't want to get rid of all of them - just a good chunk - especially the Flower Tree! My fragging equipment is arriving Monday so I can get started. I'm between Olympia and Centralia just off I-5. 

Rather than selling small frags, I'd like to sell the Flower Tree Coral, especially, in bigger chunks. I have no idea on pricing - am open to offers but was thinking $50/obo for a medium tree coral and $20 for the Hammer coral frags? Let me know if I'm way off here. 

Thank you!




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