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New Tank Build


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I've been thinking about getting a bigger tank for the last 4 months or so.I finaly found the right tank

and the time to build a whole new setup.I bought a 70 gallon (36x24x19) glass tank from Waves & had Joel drill a closed loop for me.Today I built the skeleton base and hood , which will be of steel and get powdercoated.I also got my 1/2 Mdf cut out that I am going to spray black lacquer and skin the frame. Here are a couple pics ----- More to come JON



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No, The original stand I built about 6 months ago .It was for my frag tank in the garage, it was nice to be able too move that one around, so I put wheels on it. When I priced steel last week and found out it had gone up about 3x since march I decided to cut the frag tank stand down to use as my display tank stand.SO no wheels anymore.


Here's a pic of the canopy.The wood ( not applied yet)will open like a clam shell and I have the lighting on a seperate rack that will pivot up if I need more room to work.



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Working on setting up a tank didn't seem like this much work last time.

Tank is back from powdercoat. My wife was nice enough to plumb the closed loop and

my return for my while i was away making money at work.Sump is in and we are doing a leak test tonight.




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