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WTB Ph Meter


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A baby rose BTA (1/2 inch diameter) just sliced itselfs off from my biger one

Frags of Monti Cap (red, green, purple) or Monti dig (brown, purple, orange)

Possibly frags of 2 more SPS (an acro white with lavender tips ) and a solid yellow-green

Frospawn frag, birdnest frag (2 types, pink and yellow-green)

I could also frag some zoos if interested (I have 2 types of pink, and orange that are quite nice) and of course some of the more common ones green, red etc..


Brand new SCWD (never used in the box)

Brand new 6 feet long actinic bulbs

Ice Cap ballast (660)

MKR calcium reactor needing a new pump

UV sterilizer


I probably have other stuff that I am not using and could part with, let me know if you are looking for anything in particular, my wife calls my "tank room" Ali baba's magic cavern (laugh) there seems to be something for everyone and everything.


How old is the Ph Meter? working well?

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Thanks but the Pen like model won't fit my needs.

I am looking for a portable meter with a seperate probe such as the SMS series for Milwaukee like teh SMS122 ( http://www.marineandreef.com/shoppro/electronics_milwaukee.html) or the pinpoint series ( http://www.marineandreef.com/shoppro/electronics_pinpoint.htm) , the probe will go directly inside my Ca Reactor (there is a hole dedicated to it) and plug the hole while giving me readout. Better if there is an AC adapter coming with it as I don't want to rely on batteries.


anything else you have for Ca reactor trade or rose Anem?


i have a milwaukee ph600 probe...brand new in box...also has 7.0 calibration. could trade towards reactor or rose anem....let me know
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