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April Meeting Store Tour 3 Meetings in One!


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Well I am super excited about this meeting! :yippee:

One of the best things about buying form local reefers and local stores is you not only get to get the coral you bought but you get to see what else they have and talk to link minded crazy addicted reefers!

I know you have other obligations so you can go to one or all your choice just remember:

We will have raffles and special deals but only during tour times!

Well essentially we are doing a tank tour but with our local stores with special deals only during the tour times and raffles at each store!:yahoo:


Saturday April 15 is the Date!

Here is the itinerary:

Upscales Fish & Reptiles

10AM to 11AM

19295 SW Martinazzi Ave
Tualatin, OR 97062

Food: Breakfast Burritos , coffee and fruit

Raffle: 50 dollar Upscales gift certificate and more to come!


Golden Basket Reef                          

1130AM to 1230 PM     

9742 SW Tigard Street

Portland OR 97223

Raffle:2 25 dollar gift certificates to Golden Basket and more to come!


Cuttlefish and Coral                          

1PM to 2PM

6363 SW Capitol Hwy

Portland OR 97239

Raffle: 1 50 dollar gift to Cuttlefish and more to come!

Food: Baja Fresh


At 2pm our very own Daniel owner of Reefi will do a talk about leds in general and Reefi lights and raffle off one of his Reefi lights which is a 300 dollar value!! :clap:





I will post more later about the special deals so keep watching this thread!



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2 hours ago, Emerald525 said:

Yes transportation is BYOC! That way there is more flexibility. Carpooling would be a good idea as well but no party bus this time unless someone wants to rent one on their own which would be really cool!


I think Holly had to much fun last time :nooo: or maybe it was to many jello shots :popcorn: :laugh:

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18 minutes ago, Gil&Fin said:

Oh my gosh I forgot about the jello shots. Maybe it should be BYO-Uber.

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Oh you didn't forget :laugh: its just in a dark place in your memory bank ;) 

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The party bus was awesome!! I had so much fun and I don't drink!! There were Jell-O shots and disco lights and music!


Travis had all kinds of coral and inverts!Rudy had a find a coral contest ! Jeff closed the store for us !!


i would be up for getting another one if there is enough interest!!


Here is a link from last time !



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Last years tour was Amazing so this years should not disappoint!!!

On 3/20/2017 at 5:28 PM, albertareef said:

Sorry I missed that one!  Isn't there some saying about don't drink and reef?  maybe I am getting that mixed up with something....

I don't drink either but had a blast never the less. When I used to drink, reefing was just as fun. Why not have a glass of whine or whiskey while gazing into the aquariums, but nowadays I would just be down for some of those brownies with my corals...I gotta real sweet tooth.

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