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FRAGS FS $10 and UP


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I REALLY need to empty my frag rack (I get so attached, ya know...)

Aussie Green Slimer $10 each (larger fresh frags available)


Milka (purple) SOLD


Forest Fire Digi $15 each (larger fresh frags available)


Aqua SD Aussie Bonsai SOLD


ORA Ponape Birds Nest (small colony) SOLD


Poker Star Cyphastrea (small colony) SOLD


Everlasting Gobstoppers (small colony) SOLD



please PM to reserve!  thanks for looking!

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Bump- still have lots of stuff! especially forest fire digi- $10 for smaller well established frags, $20 for mini-colonies-

aussie green slimer- $5-10

aquaSD Mighty Ducks $30

aquaSD Bali Shortcake -SOLD-

I also have one small frag, well healed, of Upscales Raspberry Lemonade $25




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I'm sooo close to being able to start adding things to my tank, but heading to MT for a week and need to wait til I get back. I'll hit you up then to see if you have a FF digi colony and maybe a slimer left.

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