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4x2' frag tank f/s

Blue Z Reef

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Selling my frag tank setup. Want to sell as a whole, will entertain offers with less equipment but don't want to part stuff till the tank is sold please! This is ready to go, no extra equipment needed!

It's 4x2x12 made by Aquarium Masters with black silicone - I bought it new. Back is plastidip black. Has a white ABS sheet in the bottom (I prefer this look over nothing for a bare bottom tank)
Drilled for herbie with overflow box and also return with loc line and flare
I made the stand, 2x4 construction. Faced and painted black. Has single side door.
Had a 29 gal aqueon converted sump with 7" sock holder and single baffle/bubble trap.
Will come with the following for full price:
- Reefkeeper lite with 2x PC4 and SL1 with float for ATO
- aqualifter for ATO
- waterblaster return pump 2000
- coralife skimmer
- 48" 6 bulb Tek T5 with used ATI bulbs and hangers
- heaters
- Jebao RW 15
Can throw in some cured live rock also
Looking for $500 OBO
Older pic before I drilled it
After being emptied yesterday, note: the side door has removable hinges 
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