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Zoas For Sale


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Pick up at meeting, or arrange transport if you know someone going!

First a little history on the zoas...


They remind me of an orange hornet or an orange blonde hair blue eyed. Not your typical reef orange. These are very nice and something different that stands out in the tank.

Old Pic (Good Camera)



Lineage - Efficient Reefer tear down many years ago...  I have had them since,  They are beautiful and great growers


Lime Green Fireballs


These are from our very own golden basket!  Rudy has been offering these up for quite some time.  They are more of a yellow green color, as the picture of the frag shows.



Frags For Sale Pictured Below (crummy cell pics)

Oxides Top Frag - 15

Oxides Bottom Frag - 20

Lime Green Fireballs Top Frag - 15

Lime Green Fireballs Bottom Frag (3 heads you just cannot see in pic) - 10





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3 minutes ago, JonBoy said:

Wow that would be super cool, if I would of know that I would of bought those zoas from you too lol

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I usually know people and can get things down to your area.  Sorry I didn't get your message until now but in the future there is usually a way to get things down to you! Reefers are always moving around! :)

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