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wave maker for 4x2 frag tank


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so for my first foray into reefing I am building a frag tank this weekend.  it's going to be 4x2x14".  My return pump is around 100gph and I was going to use two outlets with the swirly thing a ma bobs on them. 

I want to focus on SPS so I thought a wavemaker or two would be good.  I'm going to get a jabeo but can't decide if two rw-4 (nano tank wavemakers) or a single rw-8 would be better? 

any thoughts?  I'm super super super excited to get this up and running soon! 

thanks ! 


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Nothing good happens fast with SPS. Most hobbyist frag tanks you see are non-SPS. If you are serious about fragging and growing out SPS, you will want to start with a stable established system. Most people will have a frag tank plumbed into such a system so that they have some square footage to work with. I'm not trying to discourage you, but if you are new to reefing, running a SPS grow out is going to be about the steepest learning curve for a beginner.

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yes, I realize that I'm doing the equivalent of starting to race cars by climbing in an F1 car but I'm going to give it some serious effort and attention and I will start with some Zoa and easier sps.  

I have a 70 gallon frag and 30 gallons of sump.  I'm running filter socks, curve 5 skimmer and I'm thinking fuge with rock.  

I will also dose 2 part when the time comes. 

any suggestions? I am also planning to attend the meeting this weekend to pick up any tips :)

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