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Fairly new to the PNW, getting ready to get back into reefing and looking for your local secrets


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Hey everyone,


As the title says, I'm new to the Pacific Northwest. I had a 180g while I was back on the east coast that I had to break down and part out to move here. Now that I'm settled in, I want to build the first of my 2 dream tanks.


The tank will be a 48x30x20(LxWxH) mixed reef. I'm currently seeking quotes for the tank from miracles, and reef savvy, but I'm wondering if there are any top notch builders here in Washington. I'm also looking for the best local fish stores in and around Redmond, WA. I'm willing to travel for great service and livestock.


I hope to get to a couple the monthly meetings here shortly. Happy Reefing.




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Are you looking for glass tanks or acrylic. For acrylic James from Envisions is the best. As far as stores in your area Barrier Reef is a great shop in your area!
Welcome !!!

Thanks, I will check out barrier reef this weekend!

I'm definitely looking for glass. Does anyone know if Crystal Reef Aquatics is a good store? It looks like they do custom builds and the tanks on the sight look decent.

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