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New pest for me.


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I had two torch corals. One green one gold. My green one stopped opening up less and less each days for about a week. Water is great. Couldn't figure it out. Moved it around and still just getting worse. Ended up dying. [emoji853] Then my gold one started looking not so good. So as was looking at it really closely and saw something on its base. So I dipped it in coral rx and 4 flat worm looking things came off.

So I looked for them on the web and this is what I found. Anyone ever had these? c34b882bf3b43eed561a75ea35fc6f47.jpg



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Yikes! New one for me, too. Good reminder not to get too comfy thinking LPS don't have pests. I tend to do that, but I know someone here found color-matched nudibranchs on a goniopora once, so I guess every creature has an enemy. 

Hopefully someone knows more about these. Sorry to hear of your coral loss. :sad:

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Yeah I have seen these guys too, fortunately it seems like they only like glabrescens but that doesn't mean that there is one that eats one or the other...Or both. The ocean is absolutely full of wonder. Lets see if I can find a pic of those Euphyllia Faltworm and Goniopora nudis, ah here they are. In one of the pics you can see the eggs all over this frag I had received, I just tossed the whole thing as sad as it was. I did keep the worms and eggs in some Tupperware to see if I could track how long they took to hatch but they never did. Like polyclad flatworms these guys can shrink and expand allowing them to hide in tiny crevices too. The middle pic looks like some nice gonipora polyps right!? Well its NOT, its a little nudibranch chowing down on said LPS.




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