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FS Zoas!! Zoas!! Zoas!!


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Sirena did some serious fragging last week! Frags are well healed and all wysiwyg!

We have lots of zoas!

First we have some rastas! 

frag 1 sold

Frag 2 20 dollars SOLD

Frag 3 sold

next is some lovely Hawaiian zoas 

frag 4 or frag A is 10 dollars 




Here are some more Hawaiian zoas 

frag A here is 10 dollars

frag B is 6 polyp magicians 20 dollars!


IMG_0066.JPGNext are some combo zoas

Frag 1 has sunset sakuras ans no name zoa SOLD


frag 2 and 3 are Chong bongs mixed with no names

15Dollars each!


Next is my all time favorite Utter Chaos!

Frag 1 is Sunset sakuras ! Very nice 30!dollars SOLD

Frag 2 nice mature Utter chaos 40 dollars SOLD

Frag 3 single polyp Utter 25 dollars SOLD



Next we have

frag 1 iron man 25 dollars SOLD

frag 2 oxides I love the deep orange on these SOLD

20 dollars!

IMG_0053.JPGBut that's not all!

frag 1 joker palys with bonus monti 30 dollars

Passion orange guava 

frag 2 10 dollars SOLD

frag 4 15 SOLD

frag 3 15 dollars  





Nuclear green palys! 

Frag 1 ,SOLD

2, and 4 only 5 dollars

frag 3 and  5 10 dollars 

IMG_0055.JPGNext we have another frag of magicians  It has a bonus monti on it!

20 dollars!










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