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DE bulbs


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So whats the word on best DE 250w bulbs these days? Ive been using Phoenix 14k for years and love the color. I have a Blue Wave Dual HQI ballast that I will be running these on.


Im getting a bit tired of the phoenix bulbs as they seems to be real monotone in color. They have a nice blue color but I dont seem to get anything besides blue, like in some other bulbs.



Ive heard the reeflux 12k is pretty good.


Opinions please.

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If you want to try the Geisman MegaChrome 14.5K Coral bulb, I have two for sale. They have been in use for about 3 months and are just burned into a nice bright white. Not yellow and 128 par on the SLS blue wave ballast. Im actually going back to the Pheonix bulbs and will be pulling the megachromes tommorrow. $100 for both. Ive seen these bulbs up to $109 each at places. I got these for like $90 each not including shipping and they've only been in use since April.



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I just bought a used 150WDE Pendant and it came with several bulbs (7 :) ) Needless to say that it came with a USHIO 20K installed and I havent changed it. Seems to be a really nice bulb, at a really good price $65 on MD. Love the color and corals seem to perk up more. Later Ryan

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The finalists:

1. Phoenix 14k

2. Radium 20K

3. Reeflux 12k


The ushio may be good but its hard to find info on output. Im going with one of the three above.


Drock... I ran the 250w DE Phoenix and I am currently running the 400w SE Reeflux 12k...I know they have a couple of differences and are not both 250w and DE, but I like the reeflux better...I am seeing better growth and I like the colors over all...The phoenix turned everything blue, I mean growth tips that started white ended up blue...it kind of stained everything...I feel like the reeflux shows of more natural color better...


I have no idea if this helps...but if you have any more questions, just ask :)

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PAR values for Ushio 20K


Ushio 20k eh? Any idea on the PAR rating?


Im looking for something with similar usable light for my corals.




Since you asked, I was a bit curious about this myself. Here is a link to a pdf with the appropriate information.

I don't know if it is normally expressed this way but on this listing the PAR is expressed as PAR value/watt. For the Ushio 250w DE bulbs the values are as follows

250w 10K 56

250w 14K 56

250w 20K 26

For anyone a bit more savvy in this area does that mean that the overall PAR for the 250w 20K is 6500 (250w x 26)?

I have an e-mail out to Ushio customer service, if they add anything useful I will add it here.

Just wanted to update you on what I found out so far even though you have already gone another direction.


The regional manager from Ushio USA emailed and was kind enough to call this afternoon he sent along the same pdf that is listed above. He also stated that par value does not necessarily increase in a linear fashion compared to wattage (old news probably). Apparently the architecture of the bulb and ballast combinations have something to do with it.





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Dan I sell a ton of 250w Radium, probably just as many as 400w. I recently setup a 180 with 3x 250w radium with Galaxy ballasts and T5 actinics, color looked great. No corals yet so I can say about coral color or growth. I do have some 250w radiums running in the store that have always done well for me.


Are you considering going to SE?

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Joel, I am considering going SE.


As of now, i think there is a strong possibility that I may just go Phoenix again. I know they work and look decent. Maybe in a year, I will have done enough research to feel comfortable going with the Radiums.


How is growth on the 250w Radium? How long are the bulbs lasting on the galaxy?

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