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My new 70g bow front


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New to this site and I have not had a salt tank in twenty years. I have lots of questions and really want to learn all that I can. This is a 70g bow front with 2X48" Actinics and 2X250w metal halide.

Sump has sea weed in it and no bio balls with an Aqua clear aquatics protein skimmer. Two power heads on a wave strip. Is this a LPS or SPS tank? It seems to be a mix is that ok?(scratch)

Any suggestions are welcome,

Thanks for looking, Stephan


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Good lookin tank. It is definately a mixed tank. Not a bad thing. Just make sure that corals that aren't getting along stay away from each other. Have you taken any parameter readings? This would help give us a good idea of what might need to change, if anything. How long has the system been running?


I really like the setup!


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I got it from someone how had it set up for 7 years and I just moved it to my house about a week ago doing a large water change( about 1/3 to 1/2 ) due to not enough containers for the water. Salinity is 1.022-1.023, temp 78-80, 0 nitrates and the rest I hope to get tested today because the test kits that came with the tank have no instructions with them.(flame)

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