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Force to Sell 2' Cube

El Salvador

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Ok everyone. I am finally force to sell my new cube system.(wife) Everything on the list is Negotiable, so feel free to make offers. Please remember that most of the prices are very low already. Thanks


4 month old 400w HQI mh ballast with spider reflector radium bulb the bulb is only 3 weeks old. Just changed it. $250

Extra 400w MH Radium bulb new $75

4 month old 24” blue VHO lights with ballast $100

2 month old MRC calcium reactor with mag 2 pump and 2 one gallon arm aragonite $200

Skimmer 24” up to 160 gal with pump $125 PM Skimmer $125

4 month old snapper pump up to 2500 GPH $125

Velicity T4 pump 1500 GPH $100

C02 tank with valves full of c02 $150

Sump with refugum 24 X 16 X 16 $125

3 week old sea line chiller model SL300A $375

Custom acrylic cube tank stand and canopy (tank 24 X 24 X 24) with built in close loop custom made. Over flow box outside the cube for more space. solid oak stand and canopy dark cherry color finish 4 month old $600

Large pieces of live rock 100 lbs @ $3 per lb

100 lbs of live sand $75


10” across the top Toadstool $75

10” Across the top with blue green color pagoda cup $75

Large rock with about 75 to 100 pompom or more. $50

Devils hand Leather about 5”6” $20

Green Brain coral about the size of a baseball $30

Pink Hard Coral SPS about 3” to 4” with about 4 branches $25

Neon Green SPS about 3” with about 12 Branches $25

Blue color Elk Horne SPS 1” ½ $15

Large brown with blue tips SPS $40

Green Eye zoos about 20 to 30 or plus polyps $20 got about 3 of them.

Pink Eye zoos about 15 Polyps $35

Purple eye zoos large rock about 200 plus polyps $65

4” Green hairy mushroom with about 20 pompoms on the rock. $25

¼ horse chiller about 4 to 5 years old $120


Red Sea purple Tang 4” $60

Square back anthias female $10

Very cool blennie. His black with a white tail and a blue mask like. $20

Wild True Percula clown fish $ 20

Neon Gobie $10

Six line wrasse $15

8” to 10” Rose Bubble Tip Anemone $80

Rabbit fish $30

Auto top off system $10

2 Cleaner shrimp Large $30

2 Harlequin Shrimp $40


Must sale all the live stock before breaking away some of the stuff. Will to be some what flexible. All of the stuff is way below cost. Everything in the system is very healthy. Feel free to make offers. Please don’t make silly offers.

Thank you.


Email me with any questions at frankva@tek.com or call my cell at 503-730-6104.






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I am interested in the following.


Pink Hard Coral SPS about 3” to 4” with about 4 branches $25

Neon Green SPS about 3” with about 12 Branches $25

Blue color Elk Horne SPS 1” ½ $15



Shoot me a PM and we can discuss a time to come and look.




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2" cube


Nope. I had about 4 people that wanted it, but they never made it to my house. I had it down for 3 days.


So I went and invested an other $100 plus dollars and re-did my close loop system.


So now the tank is back up and running.


So yes I still have the tank.


If you need any more info, feel free to call me.



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Sorry everyone that I have not been updating any new info.


Here is a short list to answer some of the questions you might be asking.


Here is what I have left. I dint sell much of the stuff in my tank. I had lots die off because I went end sold stuff that I should have waited to sell.


Thank tanks is back up and working again.


The only way I would sell the hardware on my tank is if I sold everything in it.


Here a list. About 40 to 60 LR

Calcium reactor and CO2 stuff

Single 400W HQI MH with a 1 month old lamp and a new still not open.


Snapper pump

T5 pump

VHO system.


Lights for the sump

Tank, stand, canopy

Purple tang


One shrimp

Some frags.


The tank must go first before I ever think about killing any more little guys.


Thanks everyone.

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