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Well I decided to go in a different direction with my display/downsize for school so here is some of the corals I no longer need. Plus some stuff off the frag racks :) sorry the picture quality is kinda poor, I snapped them with my phone before running back to OSU for school. So if you would like more just ask.


All corals/fish are OBO so don't be afraid to shoot me an offer.

Will entertain trades for Tunze ATO, Gyre pump, IM 20 stand or InTank media baskets for IM 20.


I will be in the woodburn/Wilsonville area this coming Saturday (oct 1st) evening if people would like to meet. More details to come on that. Otherwise I'm located in the Salem area :)


Domino Clownfish. I believe it is a female but I'm not 100% sure. Beautiful fish but I recently picked up a different B&W pair so this girls gotta go. She went through anemone boot camp and will happily host your anemones now. Has been in my tank for 7 Weeks and is very healthy. :) $45 35e180e1ad0a5da6754873e52f0f1a4a.jpg

Green frogspawn with a little purple mixed in. All frags $15. Hammer with purple blotch in the middle $25. Two smaller hammer frags $10. Back ones NFS. 1929c26919d3d9c9d6477ad5466837d0.jpg4c59c675f804c0d32202e11ac39519c8.jpg

(Pending Brian) JF Askrak (AKA Red Spackle) single polyp. Poor pic quality, can send more if interested. She was Cut about two months ago so it's nice and healthy. $125 55ffdc9c992cbd17924a0e7733b144cb.jpg

Eye of Raw frags $10 each (3 pictured far right), two middle frags of Armageddons (2p each) $10 each, far left orange/blue unknown $15 each (4 available). Top 3 frags NFS. 89d8b1fe8dac7a53cb875e7ef6b2d32a.jpg

Acans were cut 7 weeks ago.

top row left to right: $30(Pending Junior), $35(pending Junior), (far right sold). Bottom row: all $20


Sunny Ds: $10 per polyp. Sorry the frags aren't happy for the picture, I had just finished moving some stuff around. PM for more pictures. be3b706166b9a58c6507be9f3e80ded5.jpg

Toadstool frags: $10 each. (3 available) 11d24e586a4562d49734ce0d88086519.jpg


I'll upload more as I move stuff around.



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Paratore is legit to deal with and more than fair. How much for the gyre and what size is it? Wish you'd have put this up a few days earlier! :)

thanks for the kind words :) I actually don't have a gyre, it's something I would trade coral for :) it's just part of the list of things that I would consider trade for :)

I know, I meant to but kept putting it off haha. If you want anything, I could meet you at TPA in Salem on Saturday :)



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