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Quick & Dirty tutorial on posting photos


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Quick & Dirty tutorial on posting pics with our current format.


Firstly, i'm using a PC running windows 7 ultimate 64bit with Chrome.

I can't really help with posting from a phone or mac since i only post from my PC


The easiest way is using a image hosting site such as Photobucket which is what i'll be using to try and illustrate this.


I use a old Sony Cyber-shot 8.1mp and a Iphone 4s


The Sony goes straight to my PC via usb and the Iphone photos gets uploaded to the cloud then downloaded to my PC but both still need to be uploaded to a image hosting site.


Once the photos are uploaded to your PC and you have made a Photobucket account login and upload the selected photos.


Find your photo and you'll be here....




Click once on the link i added the arrow to and you should see a quick msg that says "copied" in a yellow flash box.



Next make a post like "Hey! check out my nem! He's doing great!


Next step, simply hit ctrl-v or right click and paste directly in the box you're writing in. The Photobucket image address you clicked on prior is still copied in memory


I like to hit enter once or twice to separate photos but hey, that's just me  :tongue:



Next is, what if we see something in our tank that we need help I.D'ing but we can't manage to get a photo of it and have to "borrow" a photo from Google or what not? Or even if we see a cool system we want to share.


This one is a little different but just as easy.

"I can find a photo of exactly what it looks like online, but i can't seem to upload mine"


Find the photo you want to share or need help with and right click and choose "Copy image address" 


Shown here...






Then you're going to want to click here to insert your photo/link...







Next you will see this, this is where you press ctrl-v or right click and paste and click OK...









I can't emphasise enough to utilize the full editor and use the "preview post" option when trying to post pics. This way you'll know immediately if the formatting is correct and the post will be shown as intended.





I hope this helps to crack the code so to speak to make it a little easier to post some pics! 

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This is great, Chris. Thanks so much for posting. I thought I would add here how to do it through Tapatalk on your phone. Tapatalk has its shortcomings, but it sure makes it easy to post pictures. You don't have to go through nearly as many steps, expecially if you use your cell phone to take pictures.


If you're in Tapatalk, and you want to reply or compose a new message. Your screen looks like this:



You just pushed the symbol that looks like a mountain on the bottom of the screen and it takes you to the picture gallery that's on your phone. Tap the picture, it loads it wherever your cursor is, and off you go. Easy peasy.


Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk

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