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Clownfish Behavior Questions


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I just had a couple of questions about clownfish behavior:


Does the male clown of a pair normally flash or raise their front dorsal fin or spikes at the female of the pair? Or does this just happen when the pair are establishing their sex and dominance?


Also is it the male or female of the pair that normally hosts in the anemone or whatever it is and keeps the other out, or do they both host?


And does it depend on the species of clown to what behaviors they exhibit?


The reason I am asking is because I have a young pair of pink skunk clowns, and was wondering about some of their behaviors. I have had them for about 2 weeks, when I got them they were about the same size, but now one clown is visibly bigger than the other. The bigger clown is more dominant over the other, but the smaller one still flashes his front dorsal fin at the other. They seem to be doing well though and always keep close together in the tank.


Thanks (rock2)

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They weren't in a group when I bought them, but I thought that they were small enough to both be juv. or male. I'm pretty sure that the larger one is turning female and is continuing to grow while the other is staying the same size. I was just wondering about some of the behaviors that they were exhibiting.



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