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Macro Aqua M-50 Skimmer?


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Someone nearby is selling an entire tank and one of the pieces that comes with it is a Macro Aqua M-50 HOB skimmer. When I went to go look at it, it was full of skimmate so I guess that proves it works? idk. Here's an Amazon link.


Price isn't a huge concern for me because as I said it comes with a tank. I don't have a skimmer right now but I'm looking to add one to my sump. What do you guys think of this model?

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This is a hang on the back skimmer and was not designed as a in sump skimmer.


The fact it was full of skimmate doesn't really say much for me personally because i have no idea how long it took to generate that much skimmate. Maybe he had it set to skim wet or maybe he just didn't empty the collection cup in a month  :laugh:  IDK


Google is your friend. 


Read some reviews, my first clue was it's under $50 brand new

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Certainly not my first choice in a skimmer but worth a shot!  


If you have a close by reef buddy, have them check it out once you fire it up and then again after running it a week or so.  


How big is your tank?  Sounds like you have a sump?  As Chris is eluding, people usually use hang on back (HOB) skimmers when they cannot fit on in the sump.  The in sump skimmers are usually more powerful and efficient.  These are all general statements but you get the idea.


There are allot of great options these days if this one is underpowered.   One important feature to look at is how much air is drawn into the skimmer.  There were be a SCFH rating on most skimmers you can use that rating as a starting point for comparing skimmers.


Good luck!

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