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Good Evening!


I just wanted to introduce myself.  I was an avid freshwater guy for many years, then we moved into our new place and plans for upgrade fell by the wayside.  Well...I thought it was time to get back into the hobby and get into the reef keeping side of it.  


Here are some details of my setup in progress.


- 125 Gallon Aqueon Tank

I just recently installed the tank in the wall between our living room area and home office (load bearing wall, so some extra work had to be done there :D ).  The tank was cleaned and undergoing a leak test as we speak  :fingerscrossed:

- AquaC EV 240 skimmer

- Sump is planned out just waiting on a tank.  Will be 55 Gallon.

- Overflow is in the works.  I am having one custom made by Modular Marine, due to the wall constraints. I will be drilling the tank side.  (Will keep you updated on that)

-Gathering parts and planned out saltwater mixing station in garage.


Lots more to come! Looking forward to all the knowlede this club and forum has!



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No prob! Ah man, I love the 69 charger RT such a nice looking car. I knew someone in high-school that was restoring one, but never got to see it done.


Learned all I know about cars from a mopar guy and since then have had a passion for Mopar. Currently have a 77 Cordoba (no corinthian leather though lol), just recently traded in my 14' Challenger SRT for a much more family friendly Jeep Grand Cherokee . ???? That's ok though I made sure to get the one with the 5.7 hemi!


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