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Fusion 20, Stand, AI Prime, ATO, Dosing Setup


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Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am moving.

I have a Fusion 20, that at one time was a really healthy system.  I haven't been staying at my home much so I haven't been able to maintain it the last 3 months and GHA has moved in. I'm pretty ashamed at the current condition of the tank to be honest.  I really need to break down the system and be done with it. Everything is about 18 months old. I can send pics if you need them. Everything you need for a sweet nano is here, it just needs more love and attention than I have right now.  If I was to keep the system, I would buy new rock and substrate, and place all the corals on the new rock. 



Fusion 20 upgraded mj 1200 return pump

IM Stand, black, no water damage 

Intank Media Baskets

Fuge light

IM Ghost Skimmer

AI Prime

Tunze Nano ATO

Eshopps ATO Reservoir

Jebao Dosing pump

3 compartment Dosing reservoir

Ecotech MP-10 Quiet Drive

Everything fits in the stand for a clean look


25# live rock- needs to be cooked and start over


Live Stock left: all coral sizes are approximate.

3 RBTA's  not bleached or unhealthy, there might be 4, they're in a cluster on one side of the tank

1 Oregon Blue Tort  3x4

1 pink stylo 4x4

1 green stylo 2x2

2 Forest Fire Montipora 3x3 

1 Orange Montipora 4x4

1 bright green euphyllia -about 12 heads maybe more (about softball size)

2 heads rainbow acans

6 -8 heads of orange & green acans

1 lrg Setosa 5x5

1 large frag purple/blue stag horn

1 sunset montipora

 other stuff and a few zoas 

Hermit crabs

serpent starfish

tuxedo urchin

1 false percula clown



4 15# full jugs of kent salt plus two partial jugs

box of various additives, supplies &water change buckets etc.



There's a fair amount of stuff here,  I don't want to part it out, so I'm selling it cheap- $500 for everything, you have take it all.  I'm in Beaverton, near Costco. We can arrange a time to see it if you're serious, please don't waste my time. Please PM if interested. Again, I will not part it out. First person with cash gets it, I won't hold it. Thanks for you're interest. 











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