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Kole Tang help


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I have a Yellow eyed Kole tang that's been in my tank for a couple months. After his acclimation to the tank, he's been a great fish. Very good color, always grazing and eating well, and loves to swim constantly. 

Yesterday he started hovering in a cave within the rocks, but came out to eat when I fed the others.

Today he was laying on his side, I was able to get him moving again, but now he just hovers in the back of the cave and doesn't come out to eat or graze. He wont even nip on the nori clip in the tank.


The water parameters are good and the last water change was last Saturday. I have two power heads for flow. He's been great up until now, not sure what to do and I feel like he's just slowly dying. Looking skinny and not swimming around. Any advice would be appreciated. 

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is he breathing heavy, any discoloration?  He likely has ICK, flukes or bacterial infection

He's breathing heavy now... color is still good, but some minor white blotches on his front fins.


I have treated him with Mardel Protoshield, so I think I just have to wait it out and see if he comes around.

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