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September 24th 2016 Meeting Frag Swap


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AAAAWWWWW !* Yeah!!! 

With the September meeting coming in fast I thought I should get this thing rolling! The gracious host HigherThinking has given us a green light to setup a small frag tank at his house. This means we have been given the opportunity to do a frag swap event the right way, making our coral exchanging face to face with coral "outside the bag" and easy to view. Our Secretary Miles and Myself are going to bring the tank out to get this one on proper.


Feel free to use this thread as a means to make and arrange a trade before the meeting and\or to show what you have up for grabs. Maybe even make a request and see if some one going can accommodate. These are always fun so post something up and see if you can work out a swap.



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You do!! Speaking of I will bring them to the meeting for all of you (everyone) who forgot to pick theirs up last time.

I will let you know if I am going to be able to make it to this meeting. Things are not looking good. Can't remember who's I bought, I just remember buying one.

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