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Looking for Nuvo 20 or 30L


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So I'm moving into a new apartment and I'm planing to downsize my display a little. I currently have a JBJ 45 and I think it will be a little to big for my room. I would like to find a Nuvo 20 or 30 to replace it.

I would prefer to work out some kind of trade for my AIO JBJ 45 since I won't be using it anymore but I also have cash if needed. :) this would be the perfect excuse for someone to upgrade ;) The JBJ is in excellent condition but I don't have a stand for it. If needed, I could make a rough one if the deals right. So like I said let's try and work something out :)


Thanks for looking!



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Sounds like you got this taken care of. One of new products I saw at MACNA was a killer new 20 gallon Red Sea AIO cube. Comes with a new AI Prime HD, Skimmer, ATO, Filter sock, Media tray, etc...You can also not get a stand with it. Not sure the exact price but I think it was around $500. Should be coming out in a month or so. I was pretty blown away by it. 

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Oh that Red Sea stand wont hold a candle to the one that comes with the IM 20 :laugh:


Red Sea particle board........................


IM solid wood and built with love from Spectra :rolleyes:


Im keeping the stand since it's so awesome and I don't have anything else to put the tank on lol Gonna a new top made for it!

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