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MACNA 2016 in San Diego!!!


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Here in beautiful San Diego attending the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America. Other club members are on their way, but I thought I'd get started sharing some pics. A lot of our sponsors have booths here and it's great to see what they have in person.


Vance is here from VW Reef with an incredible selection of corals. If you didn't get a chance to meet him at the Oregon Reef expo at Rudy's place, you really missed out. Below is a picture of a couple phenomenal zoas. Can you guess what they are?



Zoanthids.com is here with a spectacular display of zoathids in a super cool tank. Bret brought these guys on as a sponsor. Thanks, Bret! They were good sports letting me take pics. Even cooler...one of the owners is named Holly.





Check out Pacific East Aquaculture's seahorse display. Amazing.



I met the CEO of Sea & Reef Aquaculture, Soren, who showed me some absolutely amazing new clownfish. Check these out.



Here are some random coral shots from the various venders.



More to come!


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A special Shout Out to Nancy at Marine Pure who spent a lot of time talking to me about their products. It's not just blocks and balls. They have rocks and cubes...pretty much shapes to fit wherever you need.



World Wide Corals was there rockin' the house. They even gave me a T-shirt that will be a give-away at a future meeting.



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A couple more before I turn in.


ORA's display tank had so many bright and varied colors that it really emphasized the variety of aquacultured species that are available to us now.



We checked out the Vertex Cerebra booth to see what it looks like in person. f3cd958b2dc6b74e4d4920f78e1b7523.jpg0709716018881637fda82c7e186b64e9.jpg0803435bdbd45119e883c8f71a43d779.jpg


You can't really tell from this pic, but my backpack was FULL of swag by the time I came home.



And for the fish lovers, here is an awesome trunk fish and below that is a rare monsoon fairy wrasse.



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