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High end Orphek Helix DC skimmer for sale

The ReefBox

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While waiting for my new tank to be built I have decided to add a few tanks to the system LOL. Going from the one DT to four tanks total of 425 gallon. Thus I will require a skimmer upgrade.


For sale is my Orphek Helix Dc skimmer it is rated from 100-250 gallons heavily stocked. It is ultra quiet and works like a beast. I will include a brand new pump and controller that I purchased to have on hand in case of e,regency. This skimmer is currently being cleaned in vinegar and will be like new condition. Imonlys used the skimmer from December 2015-July 2016. They sold for 599.00 and I will make you a great deal


Skimmer with extra pump and controller (both new) $300. The pump and controller were 150$ alone. I also have the original box as well.

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Thanks!  Looks like a footprint of about 11.5" by 13.5" then and just under 22" tall if I am reading their site correctly. Unfortunately too big (I have a really narrow skimmer chamber) but it does sound really efficient. Nice low clearance as well for anyone height limited.

Yeah that's about correct!!

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