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Quick refresh/ help with alk sos!


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Just noticed my frags today looked super pissed off and some started to lose a bit of skin. so immediately I tested my parameters.

Alk 7

calcium 400-450

Mag- 1450-1500

Nitrates 5ppm

nitrites 0

amm 0

temp is stable

no other coral seems to be upset besides my frags that are new

Garf bonsai

red planet

and my forest fire

My questions are

With me running a reactor if I increase my drip rate of effluent from 1 drip a second to 2, in turn will that cause a spike in calcium and mag?

Should I use a buffer instead?

Where the heck is the alk going?! If everything else is stable what's going on here.

Still new to the sps game and I'm hoping my colonies don't start dying!


EDIT I did put them higher up in the tank by about 2 inches in my tank, most of you know my tank is only 12 tall, so curious if you think that had a hand in it also?


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Well your alk is on the low side for sure, your drip rate should be more than one drip per second. I am assuming you are referring to your bubble count? I think most people have there effluent at a very fast drip, not a stream but a break in the stream so you can see the separation in droplets. Start at 1 bubble per second on your co2 and test every two days to see what it's doing. Hope this helps

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7kh is fine Randall, i actually prefer low kh if ur system is low on fish and nutrient! For your question, if you increase the effluent drip rate it will also decrease the back pressure in the chamber which will in turn allow more co2 inside the chamber and yes it will bump up the kh/cal. Like Brian said, it's better to set and forget tbe effluent drip rate and only mess with the bubble count! Whats ur po4 ??

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I have a lot of fish, and it used to stay stable at 8.4. I'll be honest I haven't tested my levels in like 2 months, I only tested today because it seemed like my tank was out of whack.

I haven't tested my p04 but I will do that first thing in the AM. What's odd is all of my other coral look greatx even my other sps. I fed the corals tonight and the garf, my red planet, my Birds nest, and cali tort all look awesome. The forest fire frags only seem to be mad.


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I always triple test any test result I don't like. If it still seems out of whack I'll use a different brand of test kit. Seems kind of suspicious that only certain coral are reacting but who knows. Good luck man!

that's a good idea I should have double and triple checked but I went into the typical panic lol. Going to test again today after work and see where it all lands again.



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