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FS:two filters


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i have a used Eheim 2213 canister filter that i would like to sell or trade. $50 OBO

I still have the box and instruction manual and all parts, its in great working order (they are built like tanks and last forever, i have another one on my planted freshwater tank that i have had for ten years! and still works like a champ)


i also have a Amiracle SL-5 Hang On wet/dry filter and skimmer, never used but the pumps have been used to mix salt $100 OBO or will trade for Tunze nanostream 6025 or a refractometer ect...


note: links pic show a lager SL-15


if interested please feel free to PM me




p.s. i would be willing to meet some where, i live in Vancouver

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well i think Eheim filters are your best bet for planted tanks, (thats what I'm taking it off of, converting the tank into salt) i had it on a 20 gallon, i know I'm trying to sell it but it would be to small for a 55 gallon (i have another Eheim 2213 on my 50 plant tank but also have an Aquaclear 70 as well), i think they are great fillters but like i said it would be to small to use alone on a 55 gallon with discus, two would work great but best would be a 2215 or 2217

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