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Cute little nem from Barelycuda


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Barleycuda gave me this the other night when I was at his place.(clap)


I have no idea what it is.(scratch)


I have seen its oral disc, and have watched it feed itself a couple times. For a while it was even closed up and looked exactly like anemones do at the coast in tidal pools when they are closed up.


Any idea what it is?


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Sorry, my photography skills, and camera leave much to be desired.


I looked at Majano pics via google, and the ones they showed the tenticles were to thick, and the base/foot was to slender.


trust me, my photo skills suck too. I usually have other people take pics of my critters.


Anyway, there are a bunch of colonial anemones that that pic resembles. Either way, they're cool until they start overpopulating. They aren't easy to get rid of or to isolate, as they tend to let go and float around to where you don't want them.


As far as I know, the do not sting humans. They will sting other corals though.

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Rock anenome. I have a bunch on a zoa frag. Cool little guys' date=' but spread quick and sting. Isolate them and you'll be fine.[/quote']


Yeah, I second this as I have quite a collection of these guys. They actually look really nice under actinic if they are the same as mine - a very bright vibrant green. They stayed isolated for a long time but... they went crazy during a period of time when I was having flow/nutrient issues and now they are a royal pain, crowding out other coral and poping up in weird places (including on one of my clams). So... enjoy but make sure you keep them under control!

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On the rock that my Kenya tree coral is on, there are five of these little guys. They havn't caused any problems yet, but I try to keep them isolated to just that rock. I actually am going to kill them off soon just to avoid over population and the stinging of nearby corals. When I first got the rock, there were only 2 of these guys. They remind me of a small bubble tip. Cool, but proliferate like crazy. If it were me and I were just starting, I would probably keep them to look at for a while. Definately put the rock in its own area and watch for wanderers.


Cool find,


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