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55G Acrylic DT, and 20G Long Sump Build


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I'm finally getting to setting up a sump to my DT.

I have a 55G SeaClear Tank and a 20G Long sump.

So I'm thinking about drilling 2 holes in the back wall for the outlet to sump. I'm debating on if I should join them using a tee before it gets to sump, or just having individual pipes go into the sump. The second one will be a little higher than the first one in case the first one gets clogged.


I'm thinking about doing 1" PVC lines with bulkheads, and ball valves right after bulkheads.


I don't want to do an overflow box as I can't afford that right now and want the sump going asap.

So what bulkheads and strainers should I use?


As for the return, I'm simply using my canister filter as a pump for now. I have a FX-5 and you can adjust the flow on it.


As for the sump, I'm planning on using 4 baffles, with an air trap. 1st section for the water inlet and the skimmer ( I have a SCA 301 right now), and then the air trap, and 2nd section being the refugium and third being the return.



I'm down for suggestions and ideas :)




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