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skarz' first 29gallon saltwater tank


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Hello everyone. My tank is already approaching 4 months old but I decided I would go back and backdate some entries so I could share the progress! Fortunately I have been documenting the progress along the way. So here we go!


May 4, 2016


Started the tank with some Caribsea live sand (the really fine stuff) and about 15 pounds of cured live rock from my LFS. The rock was more expensive than I anticipated so I only bought half of the required live rock with the intention of buying more down the road.


At this point I just putting everything in and am letting the tank cycle.




May 11, 2016


Added the rest of the rock so now I have just under 29lbs total of rock! Still letting the tank cycle with the addition of a few blue and red hermit crabs.



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looks good, what type of light are you running?


At the time it was just a generic LED setup that I was using on a freshwater tank. I knew it wouldn't be powerful enough to support corals but I was just using it in the meantime.


June 17, 2016


Bought a proper stand for my tank so it was no longer on the unstable dresser. Also upgraded my light to the Current USA Orbit Marine Pro and am configuring the settings. Picked up a Fighting Conch as LFS said it may help with the diatom problem. At this time also looking in to getting a new reef ready tank so I can have a sump with a protein skimmer





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July 6, 2016

Tank is drilled, plumbed, and running smoothly with overflow box and sump. With the additional weight of the water in the sump we decided to move the tank to the first floor where it's less of a hazard. The brown stand looks kind of tacky so we are going to paint it with white chalk paint which will look really nice I think.



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